5 Fair fashion brands that might steal your heart

5 Fair fashion brands that might steal your heart

Today was the first day of Fashion revolution week. Fashion Revolution is a global movement calling for greater transparency, sustainability, and ethics in the fashion industry. We want to unite the fashion industry and ignite a revolution to radically change the way our clothes are sourced, produced and purchased so that what the world wears has been made in a safe, clean and fair way.

Much of the global fashion industry is opaque, exploitative and environmentally damaging and desperately needs revolutionary change. I love fashion, but I don’t want my clothes to come at the cost of people or our planet.

I present you 5 amazing, beautiful and fair fashion brands that might steal your heart.


Armedangels is one of the more sustainable fashion brands. Armedangels mainly uses more sustainable materials. Furthermore, its entire collection is GOTS certified. The brand is also a member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), which shows it is taking the improvement of labour conditions in low wage countries seriously. There are some improvements to be made, such as publishing its packaging and waste material footprints.

Brand owner: Social Fashion Company GmbH
Head office: Köln, Germany
Sector: Casual clothing
Categories: Male, Female

“It takes a lot of sweat and time to produce clothes as many people are involved in this long process. It is our responsibility to make sure that every single one of them works under fair conditions. No matter if they are a cotton farmer in India, a sewer in Turkey or a designer in Germany. We are far from perfect. We just want to do the right thing. Step by step, every day. Organizations like Fairtrade or Fair Wear Foundation help us to implement our high standards.”

More about the company and their Nothing to hide story right here.





People Tree Logo

People Tree is one of the more sustainable fashion brands. People Tree already uses over 80% sustainable materials, thereby mainly organic cotton. People Tree also published its complete production map.

“At People Tree, we see it as our mission to work closely with people in developing countries to build viable businesses that can sustain communities.We pass on our knowledge and provide financial assistance when needed so that these fledgling businesses can not only meet our high production standards, but also develop competitive, desirable products. Each Fair Trade group is unique, with some set up specifically to deal with a particular issue, or help a specific community. People Tree sources over 90% of our products and materials from the following Fair Trade (WFTO) groups.”

Brand owner: People Tree Ltd.
Head office: London, UK
Sector: Casual clothing
Categories : Male, Female





Since 2009, TwoThirds has spread their message through simple and understated gear that’s as breezy and laid-back as an afternoon siesta. Multiple facets of their operation is environmentally friendly, if not 100% sustainable, and a large portion of TwoThirds’ profits goes to supporting measure that protects our oceans.

The majority of TWOTHIRDS garments are made from organic or recycled materials, being entirely or partly recyclable and or biodegradable. They craft their product range exclusively in Europe. Work with small family owned businesses in Portugal and Spain that still focus on quality, not quantity.

“We endeavor to be that little bit better every day and are aware that we need constant improvement and revision of all our actions to protect what we love: our Oceans.”

Head office: Barcelona, Spain
Sector: Casual clothing
Categories : Male, Female





Bleed mainly uses more sustainable materials. Furthermore, its entire collection is GOTS certified. However, there are some improvements to be made, such as publishing its packaging and waste material footprints. Also with regard to climate protection, more points can be earned.

“Innovative materials, sporty cuts, eco-fair production. We Bleed for nature.”

Brand owner: bleed clothing GmbH
Head office: Helmbrechts, Germany
Sector: Casual clothing
Categories : Male, Female






Thought (formerly known as Brain Tree) was born in Australia, but grew up in UK. Brands vision is, that contemporary fashion and sustainability go hand-in-hand. And each season, the team craft thoughtful, contemporary pieces for men and women. Pieces that are effortless to wear and sustainably made. Pieces designed to be love-forever classics.

“Part of how we work in a thoughtful way (the only way in our book) is to use natural, organic and recycled fabrics. It takes more time and consideration to use sustainable fabrics, but we see this as time well spent. Especially when it helps lower our impact on the planet.”

They have detailed explanation about their production, material and their story right here.

Brand owner: Braintree Clothing
Head office: London, UK
Sector: Casual clothing


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