I quit my job. And this is my plan.

Hi lovely people

It´s been a while, let me explain where have I been. Well mostly at work or dead on my couch.

Like most of the people I was going to work every morning like a zombie and using all the energy to make it through the day. I don´t wanna trash my ex-job too much here, we don´t like trash after all. But as soon as I felt it´s better to keep my mouth shut to avoid criticism, endless explaining and proving my point I knew something is wrong, I was loosing my voice. I always want to speak the truth.

Nobody should allow anyone to speak down, disrespect, or bully them, especially in a professional environment. So for the past few months I would carry a notebook around writing down everything I didn´t wanna say out loud. Writing down ideas I could use for myself instead. It left me drained and frustrated.

Wrote this about a year ago: Every journey start with desire and I completely forgot about it, but now reading it back a year after it makes me so happy I found a way.

I was thinking looong and hard about this, like a true over-thinker does, going through every possible outcome and would always find a reason why this is too risky and how other people don´t even have a job. It´s easy to quit your job when you are 20-something living at home, but when you have rent to pay, food to buy, you think differently. You complicate and you get stuck. I´ve been working for past 20 years. It was programmed into me that this is what you do. Work.

Don´t get me wrong I love to work. But only if I´m working on things that have meaning, that fulfil me. So I made a plan, some changes and some compromises and in one month I was out of there. This Monday was my first day of freedom!

“And then there is the most dangerous risk of all — the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.” Randy Komisar


Please don´t get stuck at a job you hate. Please don´t sell your time to some company that doesn´t really care about you. Don´t sell your youth. If you have a job you don´t like, try to learn everything you can there and think how you could use it in the future. And you want to make some changes in your life, set your priorities straight. Eliminate everything that is not really necessary and give alternatives a chance (like 2nd hand shopping, bus and bike rides, local vacations…) and start saving for the future.

I know it´s not always possible, I know people can´t even make it through the month. I was there as well. Sometimes not even having money to pay for the bus to the city. But I made some changes, left the country, did a job I didn´t really enjoyed. But this is my story and not a recipe for success. It didn´t make me rich, but it payed off my debt and gave me a chance to have some savings now. So just be smart with your money. Not cheap, but smart. Money needs to circulate. We work for it, to give some, save some and spend some. So please don´t forget to give as well.

More money saving tips here and here.

“It’s okay to have some nice stuff, just don’t let your nice stuff have you.” —Dave Ramsey


Living and learning new things. I am officially on study leave. One of the benefits of working for many years in Austria is that you can study for 4-12 months and get some money support. With that money you buy courses and you need to do them at least 20h/week. Sounds like a dream for somebody that wants to learn everything possible.

Next to that I want to get back to creating and writing. Without any pressure, but because I really want to. I love sharing tips and tricks and knowledge with you. I love getting lost with my camera. There is so much I want to do, but i will need to take it step by step.

I´m leaving to Hvar on Sunday and will stay there for a little bit longer than usual. My mom will join me later on. She is also one of the reasons I wanted to take a break from working. I hardly see her and I can see that this is killing her. Long story short,  spending time with her is worth more to me than any job.

I also want to travel more and volunteer along the way. But I want to travel slow and sustainably, car sharing, train rides, bus, boat anything possible to avoid flying.

If you have any suggestions, projects, questions… let me know. I´m now working for you now, for this planet and for myself. I´m excited for the future and hope you will join me on my journey.

Thank you



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