What the Outdoor World Can Do for Girls

It was before my last summer trip to Hvar that I randomly downloaded a few books for my kindle not knowing even that this will become the most useful and fun book on it. On the Trail; An Outdoor Book for Girls was written in 1915 – long before all electronic devices, apps, navigations, solar energy chargers, heaters, fancy outdoor equipment and highly functional outerwear. It´s also a bit weird that I´m reading it on my Kindle 101 years after it was released. I would prefer a book, but this will do for now. Here are some parts from the book, to get a feeling what I´m talking about.

on the trail_chickita


The joyous, exhilarating call of the wilderness and the forest camp is surely and steadily penetrating through the barriers of brick, stone, and concrete; through the more or less artificial life of town and city; and the Ameri-can girl is listening eagerly. It is awakening in her long-ings for free, wholesome, and adventurous outdoor life, for the innocent delights of nature-loving Thoreau and bird-loving Burroughs. Sturdy, independent, self-reliant, she is now demanding outdoor books that are genuine and filled with practical information; books that tell how to do worth-while things, that teach real woodcraft and are not adapted to the girl supposed to be afraid of a caterpillar or to shudder at sight of a harmless snake. “

In answer to the demand, “On the Trail” has been written. The authors’ deep desire is to help girls respond to this new, insistent call by pointing out to them the open trail. It is their hope and wish that their girl readers may seek the charm of the wild and may find the same happiness in the life of the open that the American boy has enjoyed since the first settler built his little cabin on the shores of the New World. To forward this object, the why and how, the where and when of things of camp and trail have been embodied in this book. (On the trail;Lina Beard, Delia Belle Beard;Flushing, N. Y., March i6, 1915.)

on the trail_chickita

There is a something in you, as in every one, every man, woman, girl, and boy, that requires the tonic life of the wild. You may not know it, many do not, but there is a part of your nature that only the wild can reach, satisfy, and develop. The much-housed, over- heated, overdressed, and over-entertained life of most girls is artificial, and if one does not turn away from and leave it for a while, one also becomes greatly artificial and must go through life not knowing the joy, the strength, the poise that real outdoor life can give. (On the Trail; An Outdoor Book for Girls)

On the trail

Can you find your way and stay safe after your phone goes dead? You say you watch Bear Grylls, so do I, but can you really make shelter, fire, navigate and recognize animal tracks. If your answer to at least one of those is No, I highly recommend you get your hands on this book.

Because it was written long before the plastic took over the world all camping equipment is made from natural materials. Although I do recommend getting a little bit more modern outerwear than shown in this photo. But it does look really stylish. :)on the trail_chickitaon the trail_chickita

On the Trail with Your Camera

I almost never hike without my camera. I used to carry around my Zenit film camera, but since i upgraded to my new Nikon, I bring it everywhere with me. So how many selfies and GoPro shots you take while trailing around? This is how the outdoor photography looked like 100 years ago.

In selecting a camera remember that every ounce in weight counts as two when on the long trail, and that to have to carry it in your hand is most troublesome and inconvenient. The folding camera, which can be hung over your shoulder with a strap, is therefore the best; and do not try to carry plates, they are too heavy. 

A very important thing to learn when taking photographs is to be economical with your films, and especially is this so when on the trail, for your supply is then necessarily limited. 

It is a good idea to plan your pictures so that they will illustrate your trip from beginning to end. A snap-shot of your party starting on the trail, another of the country through which you pass, with, perhaps, one or two figures in it, and the remainder of the films used on objects of interest found on the way. If you can secure pictures of any wild animals you may see, they will make the series doubly interesting and valuable. (On the trail)

on the trail_chickita

If you are an outdoor girl, you will absolutely love this book. After all this time it´s still on point with all the tips and tricks. Our lives are a lot more modern and we rely on all our gadgets. But when they let us down, can we find our way?

You can download this book in many forms right here. Go out my Bear Grylls ladies and stay wild.

Cheers from island Hvar,

Matejaon the trail_chickita

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