Winter is coming and for people living on the streets or refugee camps, it´s more terrifying than and white walkers (you all probably watch GOT). If you have no idea what I´m talking about. This is what is happening and why there are A LOT of people that need us to show solidarity this winter?

This July and August more than 13,000 people landed on Greek shores, more than half of all sea arrivals to the country in 2019. With the uptick continuing into September, the surge has sparked fears that Europe is on the verge of a new refugee crisis – despite numbers still being a fraction of those in 2016 when as many as 2,000 people a day were reportedly disembarking from boats. In recent weeks the president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has repeatedly warned that his government will be forced to “open the gates” if the EU fails to deliver €6bn in promised funds – remuneration set out in the landmark accord – and Ankara is prevented from moving ahead with plans to create a safe zone in northern Syria where refugees could be relocated. As many as 35,000 people a day crossing into Europe if Ankara were to turn a blind eye and open the floodgates. “I’m not threatening Europe, I am just pointing something out,” he warned, claiming that the EU had failed to deliver on its promise to give Turkey agreed funds under the 2016 accord.

The situation is changing daily, so please check this pages for more up-to-date info:

Also NGO´s working around Europe Help Refugees UK, Sea Watch , Refugees4Refugees, Lighthouse Relief, SOS MEDITERRANEE, No name kitchen

What can we do to help?

1.Volunteer on the field, please check Indigo or specific organization and fields you would like to work and help in. You help is especially needed if you have valuable skills. From medical, law, languages, captains, officers, engineers, ship electricians and IT specialists …

There are a lot of local NGO´s that need help. You can even volunteer just one day per week in your own town and make a big difference. Slovenia:

2. Donate money to an NGO´s that works on the field. You can donate to Collective Aid through my GoFundme

Other organizations I would be happy to support with my €:

Collective Aid if you want to make a direct donation, Help Refugees UK, Sea Watch , Refugees4Refugees, Lighthouse Relief, SOS MEDITERRANEE, No name kitchen, ….

3. Donate items

There is a constant need for men’s S/M clothing, shoes, hygiene products, underwear, blankets, tents… If you would like to donate any new or used items you can let me know and we can figure it out together which organization would need those items the most or where would it be the easiest to bring or to ship them.

4. Buy some of the items on my Used Goods For Good Use page. I selectem some nice clothes for you. Clothes I would be happy to find and buy in a thrift shop. So take a look, maybe there is something for you too. All proceeds will be donated to Collective Aid.

I have been volunteering with amazing Collective aid NGO for 2 months in the past year. Together with hard-working volunteers we built shelves, sorted donations and moved to our new bigger warehouse. I worked as NFI (non-food items) coordinator in Serbia.

Here is my video that shows it all:

Thank you for choosing kindness.


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