Earth Day: Easy ways to become more environmentally friendly person


You know what´s today? It´s Earth Day! I know, every day should be an earth day. Should be a day when everybody is thinking about every choice they make and choose the one that does the least harm to our planet. But maybe today this will come true. Maybe today we can all take a closer look at our habits and choices, at our trash and fridge. And ask ourselves: Is this really best I can do? Am I contributing to green, clean and healthy future or to global warming, dead sea, and polluted air? Choosing eco-friendlier options is not a short trend some dirty stoned hippies on are doing. Choosing eco-friendly options is showing that you are modern, smart and compassionate.

And I know that a lot of information, facts and eco tips are thrown at us every day (especially today) and nobody can start doing them all overnight. I´m here to show you today how you can make smarter choices during your normal workday. And just for fun, I wanna show you that through a story about a woman called Mathilda. She is 26 years old woman. She works for a marketing company in the city center. Which city? I leave that one to your imagination.

Day in a life

Monday 6:30. Alarm goes on. Mathilda or Thilda how her friends call her, hits that snooze button a few times before she is finally ready to open her eyes. She turns on the lights opens the window blinds. It´s a beautiful sunny day outside. She walks to the bathroom, grabs her plastic bamboo toothbrush and tube of whitening (microbeads)  toothpaste bio/homemade/or chalk toothpaste and brushes her teeth while she leaves the water running turns off the water. She washes her face with a face wash that has those nice beads in (microplastic) for peeling effect a natural face wash that she can refill in a local bio shop/ bio face wash in glass packaging /soap bar/ bio oil/ or just water. Her face needs some moisturizing so she puts on some face cream by well know brand (toxic, tested on animals and might contain microplastic) coconut oil/bio face cream in glass jar/ bio oil.

Oh she also needs to pee now, so she rolls her pure 5 layer toilet paper 5 times around her hard, just to make sure no pee ever touches her hand uses only 3 pieces of paper or a Tushy/bide/shower to was herself. She flushes the toilet with a strong flush to get rid of all that paper a weak flush. 

Of course, she also combs her hair with plastic brush wooden comb and puts some spray, balsam for split ends, pink highlights, glitter coconut oil on her split ends.

It´s time for Thilda puts on some makeup.  She loves that well known make up brand that tested her cream on animals just to make sure it´s safe natural, cruelty-free makeup or leaves the house without make up. 

She is already late, but she still takes 30 min to go through her packed closet, because she just went to H&M and Zara last week and got the cutest outfits, but nothing really fits like she wants it too, it was cheap so she doesn´t care if she gets rid of it soon she grabs her outfit from her small wardrobe full of thrifted and fair fashion clothes, where everything goes together, fits her well and she absolutely loves all the pieces.  She is running late so there´s no time for breakfast or coffee, and she runs out the door. There is a fast food in front of her building so she grabs some takeaway coffee latte in a single-use cup, some pasta with beef and some cake in that practical plastic container and some plastic cutlery she can just throw away after she is done with her lunch. She has plenty of time now, so she makes a delicious smoothie, makes coffee with plant based milk and puts it her cute reusable bamboo coffee mug. Packs her vegan lunch and some snacks in her reusable containers, grabs her travel metal cutlery, glass water bottle, cotton tote bag and leaves the house.

lunch, smoothie and coffee                  thrifted sweater, boyfriends old pants, Native shoes

Mathilda’s office is 15 minutes from her apartment so of course, she sits in her big car and joins a traffic jam goes by bus/tram/subway/bike/walks/skateboards… to work and enjoys some fresh air. 

She cames to work all stressed and goes for a smoke. She comes to work happy and ready to work. After a few hours of work she gets hungry and thirsty so she grabs some snacks and bottle of water from snack machine down the hall snacks she brought with her fills her reusable water bottle. She also feels like getting another coffee after so she goes to a coffee shop and gets coffee in a single-use cup because it makes her look totally busy and cool walking down the street with it in her cute reusable mug and even get´s a discount for her coffee because she brought her own cup.

Today she had a lot of work and things to organize for tomorrows meeting so she prints out a bunch of stuff so she can go through it at home and highlight it with nice colored markers and post-its and throw it all away after the meeting sents everything she needs to her private email address so she can read it again at home and highlight things on this magical device called computer.

After work she realized se needs to buy some food for the week. So she goes to a supermarket and buys some pre-made meat meals, practical pre-cut fruits in plastic boxes, vegetables wrapped in plastic, some plastic bottles of juice and water, chips, candy, … and packs everything it in a few plastic bags to a local farmers market and buys some fresh fruits and vegetables and puts them in cotton bags she always keeps in her bag. She also stops in a small bio shop and buys some bulk product (pasta, beans, oats, candy and anything else she might need). She carries everything home in her thrifted straw basket she got for 2€.

This was a long day for Thilda so she makes a hot bath for 10 min and puts in some nice glittery, perfumed, bubbly bath bombs  takes a short shower and she spends the rest of the evening on the couch scrolling through her Instagram, while a Youtube video on her laptop and TV are playing in the background reading a good book.

She also puts some clothes into a washing machine. She throws everything in there and puts them on 60C and adds a bunch of softener and washing powder. After they are washed she throws them into a dryer. She selects any clothes made from any plastic materials like polyester, acrylic, … and puts them in a Guppyfriend bag (to stop plastic microfibers) and washes the clothes on 40C with eco-friendly washing powder and air dries them to save energy.

When she goes to sleep she leaves her computer running, lights on, radio playing in the background, heating on full power, but opens a window because it somehow gets too hot in the room she turns everything off.


Which version do you like better?

The one day created a few kilograms of plastic waste today, wasted a lot of water and energy, produced bunch of CO2, flushed microbeads and microfibers to the ocean, was responsible for suffering and death of animals, suffering of underpaid and tortured people in fast fashion factories, responsible for cutting down trees for her paper and toilet paper, rainforest deforestation for palm oil in her food and  … Well, that doesn´t sound good or like a person, you would wanna be right?

Or would you rather choose the path of a person that tried her best to avoid unnecessary plastic, save water, energy, save paper, trees, animals… and made sure she supports a fair and healthy production of her products, from cosmetics to fashion. A person that cares about this planet, people and animals. A person that believes in bright future for all of us. 

It´s up to you which path you will choose. But know, that your decisions do matter and they do have an effect and the real change or world to better or worse. 

Yours truly,


For clean oceans and healthy Earth.


Earth Day 2018: End Plastic Pollution 

Plastic pollution is poisoning our oceans and land, injuring marine life, and affecting our health! Help End Plastic Pollution by finding out how many plastic items you consume every year and make a PLEDGE to reduce the amount.

Earth Day 2018 is dedicated to providing the information and inspiration needed to fundamentally change human attitude and behavior about plastics.

Small changes can have a big impact.

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