We all know how easy it is to stay at home and be lazy, but I also know how much I love to go out on a small or big hikes and explore the nature. I promised I will say Yes to more adventures that come my way, and that´s how I found myself hiking up the mountain after work on a random Thursday, with a bunch of colleagues, sleeping a bag and camera in my hands. Destination Pleschnitzzinkenhütte (1.927 m).

We hiked up to the Pleschnitzzinkenhütte at the sunset and continued to the top of Pleschnitzzinken (2.112 m) in dark. We made a fire in front of our hut, ate a lot, had fun and spent the night in the coolest hut. It was so nice to wake up early to watch the sunrise from the top of the mountain. But unfortunately, it was Friday and we had to slowly make it back to real life and work. Even if the trip was short it was definitely worth it and I´m happy I agreed to come.

Lessons learned:


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The Pleschnitzzinkenhütte hut has running water (I think not in winter), solar panels for lights, composting toilet, kitchen with 2 kitchen tables and basic cooking supplies, all you might need in a mountain hut. It offers 9 beds in big bunk bed style.

If you are looking for a cool huts around Austria, check out Austrian Hut-finder.

Thank you


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