〰 The true cost of flying

I´m not here to tell you to stop flying or to judge you if you do. I would just like you to know the real price of your flights, of all your flights. And that you are not too small to make a difference, your carbon footprint matters, your choices matter. Your future, my future and the future of next generations matter.

Earth Day: Easy ways to become more environmentally friendly person

I know that a lot of information, facts and eco tips are thrown at us every day (especially today) and nobody can start doing them all overnight. I´m here to show you today how you can make smarter choices during your normal workday. And just for fun, I wanna show you that through a story about a woman called Mathilda.


Sad reality is – Adriatic sea is full of plastic! By 2025, the amount of plastic in the ocean is expected to double and the ocean could begin to suffocate in about 15 years. If this will not make people change their habits, there is no hope left for the ocean and this planet. Here is what the latest research revealed about the pollution of Adriatic sea.

Why I ask you to sign The Adriatic Pledge

Yes, Croatian people showed that most of them are against drilling in the Adriatic Sea and Yes, the plans for drillings are abandoned. But more action is needed from local communities. The campaigns in history that had success protecting communities and the environment, from Big Oil companies, all had one thing in common. They all had the unified support of the local people.