First 2 of 5 edits from yugos riding Dachstein glacier this autumn.

Filmed and edited by Rene Gallo.

Andrej Marinčič is a 17 year old kid coming from Slovenia, the youngest in the crew.

“Andrej is apparently still too young to be aware of UV-irradiation while riding the glacier. However, that doesn’t stop him in ramping through park full speed, most of the times without goggles or hat, hitting the rails like there’s no tomorrow. Andrej is mad, call him Deadcat!” – Vid Barić

Vid Barić is the main man representing Croatia in the Yu-Go crew!

“Vid is a motivator, the one who’s waking me up in the morning and dragging me up to the mountain – always in a hurry to shred. I’m sure if it wasn’t for him I would never snowboard as much as I do so I’m pretty thankful for that. Sometimes he’s a real jerk though, giving me stupid nicknames, calling me hamster perhaps because in his opinion I never think in advance about anything. That’s my best friend, enjoy his edit!” – Toni Jelenić

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