When a snowboarder starts a line of bio cosmetics


When passionate snowboarder puts all her love for nature into a line of organic cosmetics, something special is born – BIO IQ cosmetics.

The genesis of the idea to have a truly natural brand was born out of passion. True energy that they see in the power of nature. They wanted to use these resources in a best way they can to take care of health and beauty.  Today we want to present its creator – Diana Sadłowska and what started the idea of their own organic cosmetics.Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 12.16.17N FOR NATURE

Diana Sadłowska is 29 years old, and spent the last 10 years in Innsbruck, Austria, the heart of the Alps. The city located in the mountains was not chosen by coincident. “Contact with nature, especially through different activities, was close to me ever since. I  loved sports already as a child “.

In Austria, Diana graduated in international business, which prepared her to run her own business. But the real inspiration was and still is nature. “I learned to respect and appreciate nature, it humbles me. I appreciate and I respect her power, I am fascinated by her beauty, how she can recover, provide food for itself and satisfy her and others needs.” .Diana Sadłowska BIO IQDiana Sadłowska BIO IQ

Diana always tried to lead a healthy lifestyle. Chose a natural, certified food, as well as organic cosmetics, which in Austria have been available for many years. “I felt myself, firsthand significant difference, however, after returning to Poland there were not many reliable brands with certified products there, especially dedicated to care.”  So the idea to create something that doesn´t exist was born.


But let’s get back to the mountains. Diana is involved in different extreme sports for several years. She says it shaped her character. Kitesurfing, surfing, wake boarding, snowboarding are close to founder of BIO IQ.  But snowboarding became her true passion, to which she devoted the last 15 years of his life. In this field she has gained considerable success, competed in numerous competitions in Poland and abroad, as well as filmed with European Lipstick production.

But as Diana says:  “First of all it was a great adventure in life for which I am extremely grateful. It allowed me to explore the world and meet new people, establish a special friendship, discover beautiful places, as well as myself. “Diana Sadłowska BIO IQ


Just as the snow unveils the nature in spring, Diana knew that the brand she established should be fully transparent. “I respect honesty, fairness, credibility. I do not speak idly and thats what I expect from my choices – small, everyday ones and important ones. “– She admits. “If someone declares 100% natural, it should be consistent with what he offers.” Unfortunately, in practice, it is often different.

Therefore, it was so important for Diana to create something that was coherent with her values. Something she could 100% identify herself with. The choice fell on natural and organic cosmetics. “There is a chaos on the „natural” cosmetics market. There is no legal regulation on what can be called „natural” or „organic” cosmetic- and as number of competitors fight for the market, those expressions are often being miss used. That is why receiving a certificate ( Ecocert and Cosmebio) assures the quality and naturalness of our cosmetics was so important for us. But of course, I mainly hope that the customers will appreciate our recipes, quality and also our clear philosophy of beauty, natural beauty.”
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For Diana, ethics  is not only about honest ingredients, but also the holistic approach to the subject.

Diana said she can´t imagine using power of nature and at the same time harming it or not give anything back to it. She would feel bad about it. Therefore, they

  • do not test their products on animals and their packaging are all fully recyclable
  • avoid synthetic substances suspected of having a harmful effect on health.
  • respect human work and that is why you will find Fair Trade ingredients in their products.
  • have most of products vegan friendly
  • don’t use any animal ingredients beside those coming from the living animals like milk or honey, as those are also only acquired from organic farming.
  • their promotional materials are being printed on recycled paper.
  • want to be consistent with their philosophy.



Working on BIO IQ is a true family adventure. In addition to the many professionals Diana is supported by her parents. “Mom is actively involved in the creation of new products. Searches for new ingredients. She helped in the selection of partners. It turned out that in Poland there are no production lines, which are able to meet the standards ECOCERTu. But we did not want to give up our assumptions, we commissioned the production of French and Danish laboratories “. 


Diana is proud of the fact that the Polish brand of organic cosmetics BIO IQ is growing. Future plans are to develop the distribution, also in an international context. They are also working in expanding the product line. In the summer they introduced two brand new products – bioactive serum and intensive moisturizing cream.

They also enjoy the positive feedback for BIO IQ, and it´s coming from various parts of the world. Customer recommendation is for them most important thing.

Sport has given Diana her the strength, determination, hard work and humility. Today, these characteristics are used for developing her own business. We truly wish her all the luck and success in her business.

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