What´s new? And where to find things on the page?

We should and can reinvent and change ourselves as much as we want and need to.

Some of you might be here since the beginning of this page and know that it started off as an Online shop for girls and through years transformed into snowboard magazine for girls, until it finally reached adulthood and became a place to share my thoughts and passions. And yes, even as a blog it went through some changes. And one of them happened yesterday late at night, with too much caffeine in my blood. 

I made it really simple – all posts are now in the BLOG category. They are not divided (for now) into categories since I think that it sometimes makes things confusing and hard to find. You can use the search tool if you are looking for something specific.  And to help you out I will put together more beginners tips to help you kick-start your eco-friendly journey.

And since I had a lot of old blog posts in the Archive from the days when Chickita was a snowboard mag, I decided I will leave some of the posts online and you can find them now under ARCHIVE. Just in case you want to see some old snowboard movies or photos. I just need to say that I no longer support some of the brands mentioned there and I definitely can´t remember all of them, but for now, I will leave them all in the Archive.

I´m not a travel blogger, nor I want to be one. Maybe a really slow eco-friendly one traveling around with her small backpack by trains, boats and bus rides. But I really wanna see the world and travel more, but I want to travel with purpose and with doing good around the world. So if you need me to volunteer for you just let me know, but do it early enough, because I need some time to make it there.

I divided my posts by countries or continents (South East Asia to be added soon). So if you would like to see where I´ve been and what I´ve done, or what kind of problems people are facing there, you can find all the posts under TRAVEL.

Under LINKS you can find a list of some eco friendly, fair and ethical brands and shops that I like. I will try to keep the list updated as much as I can. But if you know some amazing brands that should be on the list please leave a comment below.

Something little ABOUT ME. Who I am, where I come from, what I believe in. There is also a nice map of the world that shows you a small number of countries I visited so far. It´s mostly there to remind me to travel more. 

On the bottom of the page, you can find some Social media links. Do you see this cute tape on the beginning? This will take you to a page with all our old Playlists. I hope to make more of them for you and don´t worry I will let you know when it happens. Till then you can enjoy some of our old classics.

And last but not least, there is my LinkedIn profile that I never share with you. You can see my old and current jobs there. I´m not a heavy user and it definitely needs some polishing. But here it is and if you have my dream humanitarian job for me, don´t hesitate and send it my way.

Thank you and I can´t wait to share all the stories from Philippines with you,



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