There has been some question popping up on my Instagram and other places regarding What kind of camera do I use? First of all I have to say that I don´t consider myself a photographer, I don´t think my photos are amazing, I have a lot to learn, but I definitely enjoy taking photos and a few of you seem to like them enough to ask about my camera. Well, I have a good and bad news. The good news is that my camera equipment is really not professional nor expensive, but the bad news is that there is no fast way to a get a good photo. No magic camera or app … we can help ourselves with VSCO filters or Lightroom presets to get nice colors, but it will not help us if we fail at composition. What we all need to do is to observe, experiment and take lots of photos. And hopefully, one day, they will be amazing.



Bought this camera 2 years ago, because I decided to make a little transition from analog photography and my Zenit back to the digital camera. I´m old school.  Since I was not sure what I need and how much I will actually use it, I went for Nikon D5500 that just came out then. It´s a great value for the price (paid for my camera and lens +sd card 549 € in 2015) and a perfect camera for everyone that wants to get into photography and filming. It comes with build in wifi so you can control the camera through an app on your phone, download photos to your phone,… it makes it really practical for traveling and Instagram. Will not go on and on about all the features, more about them here

Another plus about this camera is also the weight. Together with the lens, it weighs around 500 g and when I´m hiking up the mountain that means a lot to me.

The lens that I use is the one that I bought with my camera, and it´s Nikkor 18-55 mm as you can see below. This lens works perfectly for landscape shots and that’s exactly what I mostly do.

Great future and a must-have for outdoor photography is also a flip screen which is also a touchscreen. Cool, I know!

UV filter protects my lens from scratches if I accidentally crash it into a rock …. I know, I know if the UV filter breaks it my scratch my lens, but hopefully, it´s all been OK so far.

The other filter that I sometimes forget to take with me, usually when I would need it the most is CPL filter- Circular Polarizer. They are great for landscape and outdoor photography where reflections can impact an image. Since you can rotate the filter, you can decide how big of an effect it will have on your shot.

GoPro HERO 3

Until this summer I was still trying to get some life out of old GoPro 1 that a friend gave to me, I told you I´m old school. But now my friend was good enough to lent me her GoPro 3 to use underwater. In my opinion, new GoPro cameras are not worth the money. Every time I take it up to the mountain the photos are not good unless the light is perfect and hit from the perfect angle and since this one doesn´t have a back screen I have no idea how the photo will look like. That´s why I prefer to use it only for underwater.

You can check a little clip right here or here.


For all other travel moments I use my phone. Recently I upgraded from my old iPhone 4 to iPhone 6SE. And for wider photos, experimenting or just for fun I carry with me a Black Eye lens. It can be easily clipped to my phone and instantly gives me a cool wide angle. Perfect for group photos, room shots, sports shots, even selfies if you want.

So this is my little setup. Usually, I leave this small photo bag at home, but If I travel with a car or for a longer time I would pack all my tools neatly in this old camera bag.

What I really need to invest some money too is a light, good tripod! Yes, I´ve been balancing my camera on rocks and my backpack.


We never get great shots if we don´t enjoy taking photos. Go out, play around, keep it simple and take lots of photos either with your phone or camera. You don´t need to invest a lot of money and buy the best camera on the market. Especially if you still don´t really know what you need or what you are doing. Slowly you and I will learn and upgrade, till then take photos, take a lot of photos.

Go outside and have fun!

Mateja (sitting on a couch, with a blanket, coffee and a cold)


All photos in this post are taken with iPhone 6SE and edited with VSCO Analog filter.

*One more thing, do you need a photo backpack? I have a really old Burton camera bag (this model) in a very old school pattern, about 70% waterproof with an extra padded removable compartment for your cameras. If somebody wants it for free just send me an email to

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