Tested and approved: Nitro Ana Rumiha one-off snowboard

Hi Everybody, it´s been a while. Sorry about that, I was busy with my work and snowboarding and also visiting Vienna and so on. :) I love December so I´m getting my dose of Christmass markets, lights and songs. Enough excuses it´s time to show you my snowboard gear.

Choosing the right snowboard

Every snowboarder has to make a very hard and life changing decision :P which board will he/she ride this or next few seasons. Some go for a specific shape, brand, quality, and some just want it to look good (not recommended to be your #1 criteria). I like my board to be easy to control, fun and long-lasting.

I think a lot of people are complicating a little bit too much when it comes to choosing a new board. Sorry to tell you, but tricks are not included when you buy one :) For that you/we will just need to practice a little bit more. The only thing you need to have in mind when you are buying a new snowboard is – what kind of snowboarding do you do most of the time and what is your level. So is it park, slopes or powder. If it´s a mix, just go for something softer and not too short or long. And if you are a beginner, just don´t go for complicated shapes and stiff boards.

Nitro Ana Rumiha one-off

For this winter Nitro teamed up with artist Sharmila Banerjee and team rider Ana Rumiha to create this awesome Ana Rumiha one-off board. It´s not only really cute, it also spreads the message to go vegan. Since I´m “lucky” to have Ana as one of my best friends, you can find me on this board. Can you guess which one I am? :)


„I want my board to have a skateboard feel, so I can play around, crack high ollies, and get my presses up there, without loosing the stability and response I need for hitting jumps at the same time. The Twin Shape and Flat- Out camber profile offers this perfect blend of flex and response I enjoy. To continue snowboarding I need to eat healthy so I eat a lot of fruit – I love fruit as you can see.“ Ana Rumiha


Profile: Flat-Out Rocker Flat-Out Rocker is a hybrid flat camber profile where the nose and tail lift off before the traditional contact points, providing effortless turns, and catch-free maneuvers. The lifted nose and tail provide excellent float, possibility, and forgiveness in any terrain. The ultimate hybrid between Zero Camber and Reverse Camber to allow you to have the most playful yet stable ride for easy progression and all-mountain domination. The profile of choice for park, freestyle, and urban riders worldwide. It´s based on Firecracker board in case you want to have it in different, but also really cool design.


True twin, a switch ollie into the pow or cab 360, everything is possible because this board rides switch just as good as normal.

Urban Women’s Flex: Smooth and loose. These ultra flexible board can be tweaked any way you like, from rails to butter tricks, and they won’t wash out on you.

Powercore uses tip-to-tail poplar wood, providing lightweight strength and the perfect blend of flex, response, and feel.

Premium Extruded FH Base: Easy and versatile. Durability, speed and low maintenance all in one ultra clear base material – FH Base takes the abuse of rail and urban riding like no other.

Size: This board comes in one size only – 149cm.

Bi-Lite Laminates: Forgiving and strong. Bi-Lite Laminates are engineered for unrivaled strength, powerful style, and refined board feel.

Radial Sidecut: The simplest and most common of all sidecuts: One single radius makes this sidecut extremely versatile and predictable.


First time I tried this board was last January on the Shop´s first try. The board comes in size 149cm and it might be a bit short for powder, but it´s soooo much fun in the park and slopes. It´s soft, playful, easy to control and stable. You will be able to do those presses, jump kickers, do boxes and rails and have control on the slope.

About me

Height: 171cm

Weight: 60 kg

Boot size: 39,5 EU

Style: Park / Slopes / Powder

Snowboarding for cca. 14 years / intermediate level :P

Previous set up: Nitro Fate 147cm + Nitro Lynx bindings + 32 boots

If you are interested in this board you can check it out here.

And matching Nitro Ivy Bindings right here

*This post is not sponsored by Nitro. I did get the board as a gift from Ana, but I would not recommend it to all of you if I wouldn´t love it. 

Thanks!  Have fun snowboarding. I know I will :)


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