Snowboard Arena Zagreb

SnowBoard Arena

This weekend Zagreb city had a chance to see the first rail/box jam. In front of shopping center Arena they build a fun set-up : kink box 4+4 m, 6 m rail & small funny wall.

On Saturday qualifications took place, where 30 riders competed for a spot in the main event on next day.

Invited Riders: Mike Casanova, Baszi Takacs, Gerald Fuchs, Nejc Ferjan, Rudi Janda, Erik Harc, Vid Barić, Andrej Marinčič, Matic Zavodnik, Nikola Vrhovec, Toni Jelenić, Anže Štraus …

With 3000€ cash price, the riders (20 boys and 7 girls) had a good reason to show their best moves.

On the end the judges decided that the hottest riders of the day were:

1. Mike Casanova (USA)

2. Seppi Scholler (AUT)

3. Nejc Ferjan (SLO)


1. Ana Rumiha (CRO)

2. Anja Štefan (SLO/CRO)

3. Mateja Kordič (SLO)

Some good music before training

Nejc Ferjan

Vid Barić


Mike and Seppi

Nejc and his buddies

Thanks to all sponsors:  Arena centar, Mazda, World class Croatia, Nokia, Chill shop, Madness, Surfship, Grad Zagreb, Outdoor Akzent, Warehouse, Ozon sport, Data-link, A1.

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