Slushy snowboard and motorbike rides

Although the glacier Dachstein Superpark behind the house is at its best right now, I was totally in my summer mode already. My snowboard was in the storage, my mind was on the beach.

But on the 28th of May the season’s grand finale of the Qparks Girls Shred Sessions was taking place at the Superpark Dachstein, so I gladly excepted the invitation and joined Ana Rumiha, Anna Gasser, Pilar de la Cruz for a slushy day in Dachstein Superpark. Girls were super motivated and we all learned some new tricks and tips. Thanks everybody for a great day and hope to see you at the Girls Shred Sessions all next season!

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And this cute board that we ride with Ana is NITRO Ana Rumiha pro one-off coming out this winter 2016/17. Spread the message and show your love for fruits with Ana´s Shred vegan board…. cmon just look at all the happy fruits.

We even got our own character on the board, I´m the rat in the bottom right corner, gee thanks Ana!


Enjoy Girls Shred Sessions video report and as you can see I will not be starting a Youtube channel any time soon. Not awkward, not awkward at all ….

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 Next to coaching the girls, our weekend looked like this….

Urška´s weekend diary and a story behind the video


27.5. Although I passed my motorbike license a year ago, my trips were mostly to the store and back. So I don’t have much experience, but I convinced myself that it’s gonna be great…. I’ll see lots of new beautiful places and just take it easy. I had to come from Bled (SLO) to Schladming (AT). I felt confident while driving, even when asphalt road ended and I was still thinking “it’s not even that sketchy as I imagined it would be”. I was feeling very proud until a biker gang passed by 100kmh faster. I was going 20. They ran over my ego and left me in a cloud of dust. With my ego a crushed, I slowly continued appropriate to my (dis)abilities. I arrived in Schladming 4h later, just in time for dinner.

28.5. In the morning, we drove up to the mountain with my motorbike and Ana in the back. She was thrilled and later kept convincing Mateja it was very scary just so she could ride more. After a few hours of snowboarding the snow became very slow and I couldn´t jump anymore. As I was sitting at the bottom of the park I was thinking that maybe I should try something new to get my motivation back. Learning new things is always good, so I promised myself that I’ll try to do a backflip on the next day because that was the only thing I could think of considering slushy, slow conditions. 

29.5. Next day we came up late because Ana had to thoroughly chew her breakfast. I didn’t mind and was hoping that the weather on the mountain is bad so I don´t need to go through with it. When we checked the camera it was bluebird. Then I hoped for strong wind. When that also failed, I had no excuse left so we went up the mountain. I didn’t have much time for snowboarding that day, because the storm was coming and I had to drive home before it hits. I did two runs and decided to try it. As I was approaching the kicker my mind went blank. When I was in the air upside down I could see the landing and felt good so I took it easy for the rest of the spin. I have plenty of time, I thought. But in the next millisecond, I caught my nose and fell on my chest. This wasn’t that painful, but I was thinking that this was the worst bail that could happen, so I tried again. I jumped over everything with full speed and slightly overrotated, but the feeling in the air was so amazing so I had to try again. The third time I overrotated and fell on my back. This was actually much worse than the first bail. So I stopped and went home.

I was already late and I kind of knew I was heading into a storm. But there were not many options since it was supposed to rain for the whole week anyways. I took the highway thinking I’ll make it. I was wrong. The rest of my ride I spent pretending I am not really that wet and cold, while the water was pouring into my boots.




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