PRODUCT TEST: All you need to know about Pieps Sport Set

Everybody loves powder, especially when it’s fresh, fluffy and untouched. So please be smart and take an avalanche training, as that will increase your chances of survival in case you or any other members of the group get into an avalanche. Beside knowledge you need to make sure also that everyone in their group is tooled up in order to search, and to be searchable if the unwanted happens.Picture 030

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 19.39.36Read all about avalanche safety and take a free online course right HERE!





We searched for the easiest, most affordable and reliable set on the market. Many backcountry experts and friends recommended this set to be all that and more.

The PIEPS Set Sports has everything necessary for a successful avalanche victim search. It consists of the avalanche transceiver DSP Sport, Tour Shovel and the Aluminium 260 Probe with a bag, all neatly packed in the box.
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The PIEPS DSP SPORT is a digital 3-antenna-beacon with a big range and ONE single button for best support in every situation.

  • Maximum circular range of 50 m
  • Optimized MARK-function supports in case of multiple burial
  • Perfect readable display under all lighting conditions

In your beacon box you will receive a manual, service portal flyer with product registration key (visit to extend warranty and register your device), pouch, wristband, sticker and of course your Sport Beacon with batteries included. So you are basically ready to go.


Pieps Sport Beacon is easy to use. Just press the button (with a lock icon) and with your other had slide the  yellow part up to Send or all the way to Search.

Please test the beacon at home, check the batteries one day before your trip, play hide and seek so you can get really comfortable with it and search as fast as possible.piepstest


Set your device to Send before you go to any powder. It doesn´t hurt to have it on all day.

And set your device to Search when you need to search for a buried person. Direction and distance will be indicated on the screen, together with number of signals the beacon is picking up. When you find a person you can mark the position with the flag button in the middle of the device until the little icon with the mountain appears i the left bottom corner and than search for another person, while others can start searching with probes and shovelling away the snow.


  • Extensive self-check during power-on
  • Advanced beacon-check function
  • Direction and distance indication from the initial detection
  • 3 antennas allow exact fine search
  • Check and update possibility to the latest software
  • Intelligent Transmitter: Maximum support in SEND-mode through Auto-Antenna-Switch and iPROBE Support.


  • Power supply: 3 batteries, Alcaline (AAA)
  • Battery lifetime: min. 200 h send mode
  • Maximum range: 50 m
  • Search strip width: 50 m
  • Temperature range: -20°C to +45°C
  • Dimensions: 115 x 75 x 28 mm
  • Weight (g, incl. batteries): 198





  • High wearing comfort at low weight
  • Neoprene pouch with soft shoulder strap
  • Quick-Pull-System for fast access to the device



In addition to an avalanche transceiver and shovel, the PIEPS ALUMINIUM PROBE is an important part of the recommended safety equipment, and it belongs in the backpack of every skier and snowboarder.


  • Easy and fast assembly of the probe
  • Durable tubes made of high quality carbon fibre or aluminium alloy for optimal stability




  1. Special Speed-Cone System for quick extension
  2. Quick-closing latch for reliable locking and efficient assembly of the probe
  3. Coating for perfect grip even with gloves
  4. Centimeter scale for reading burial depth and as centimeter measurement for snow profiles
  5. Easy to fixate with velcro strap
  6. Space saving collapsible
  • Weight: 290 g I 330 g
  • Probing-length (mechanical): 260 cm I 300 cm
  • Tubes: 6 I 7
  • Length collapsed: 42 cm I 42 cm


The small and lightweight PIEPS TOUR is the perfect shovel for ski tours in low and high mountain regions.


  • Ergonomic shape
  • A special aluminium alloy and a special coating assure extreme durability as well as lowest possible weight
  • The shovel has its own place in the special safety gear compartment in every PIEPS backpack




  1. T-handle with oval profile avoids twisting while shovelling
  2. Rip Stop coating for perfect grip
  3. Quick lock without pressing the buttons that connect handle and blade
  4. Special surface coating
  5. Sharpened edges for easier cutting of hard and compressed snow
  6. Holes for rescue purposes
  • Weight: 520g I 635g
  • Shovel blade width: 22 cm I 22 cm
  • Compact handle length: 45 cm I optional
  • Telescopic handle length: optional I 72 cm
  • Shovel blade weight: 300 g I 300 g
  • Telescopic handle weight: — I 335 g
  • Compact handle weight: 220 g I —

Photos : Mateja Kordic/Chickita



Standard emergency equipment
Transceiver, probe, shovel

Extended emergency equipment
Mobile phone, First Aid bag, bivy-bag

Additional recommendation
Avalanche-airbag system, helmet


Only a rescuer who uses the proper emergency equipment can successfully complete a companion rescue within 15 minutes!

Available at



In case of an emergency have the following information at hand:
WHERE did it happen? WHAT happened? HOW is the weather?

Euro-emergency call* 112 , Austria 140, South Tyrol and Italy 118, Switzerland 1414,France 15

* Access in every available net!
It is not possible to make an emergency call without net coverage: change your position, switch your mobile phone off and on.
Instead of the PIN dial 112. This number dials in every other available net (if available).

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