Panny Organic skate

Penny Skateboards have applied the sense of exploration when searching for that new, undiscovered skate spot with an increased awareness and appreciation of our surroundings to bring you the new Penny Organic range – also known as the Penny Biodegradable Collection.

Penny Organic decks are built to break down naturally when they are covered in soil. All you have to do is bury your deck in your backyard and over time the deck will completely break down, back to dirt. Just like the perfect skate spot, a Penny Organic is here to be enjoyed today, and when the moment is done, it will return to dust. If you decide not to bury it though, it will last just as long as a standard Penny skateboard.

Long story short, bury it in the yard when you are finished with it.


The Original Penny board was an icon of the skateboarding industry. Now – it’s back and better than ever! New Penny’s are easy to ride, totally transportable and you can make them as unique as you like.

PENNY ORGANIC from Penny Skateboards on Vimeo.

Penny and skateboard recycling company Art of Board have partnered up for a limited edition “Organic” skateboard. Even though calling a skateboard “organic” sounds a little sus, once we learned that by using landfill bound old decks to create tiles and other home goods Art of Board has repurposed nearly 50,00 skateboards, we realized it was pretty rad. Get one here.