One of the greenest shampoos in the world grows into a tree

I know you are all dying to know how I wash my hair. OK maybe not, but I´m gonna tell you anyways. So for the past month I´ve been sticking to rye flour “shampooing”, and it was a bit of a mess in the beginning but now I mastered it. If you wanna know what I´m talking about google “rye hair washing”. But if you are not yet on my tree-hugging level I found an amazing alternative. I got this little shampoo for my bday I was instantly in love with it. Not just idea, design, company, but also the shampoo. Let me introduce ….

the world’s greenest shampoo

O’right is a sustainable company that is committed to reducing carbon emissions, using certified organic ingredients, printing with soy ink on their packaging and utilizing recycled materials. The revolutionary Tree in the bottle & Floral Box range of products are packaged in biodegradable packaging, and when planted in the ground after use, grow flowers and trees, amazing right?

Whether brand design , development , production or marketing : Each step is defined in terms of its environmental impact in mind.

O’right Green Headquarters

O’right Headquarter is using pure solar and wind energy. The building of O’right headquarters in Taiwan was the first in Asia awarded “Taiwan EEWH Green Building Certificate” awarded in the category Gold – a certificate that is awarded to green buildings of the same size or category.

Take a tour of O’right Green Headquarters – the greenest manufactory in Asia. Check out where the world’s greenest shampoo is produced.

Learn more about the sustainable and innovative O’right founder and CEO Steven Ko.

Tested- Bamboo Moisturising Shampoo

This is the shampoo I´m using now for few weeks and the first thing I loved about is of course the packaging, smell and foaming. Don´t know about you, but I hate how some natural shampoos are not foaming at all and also don´t clean, so you have to wash it again …

I assume you know how to use a shampoo, but just in case:  Wet your hair and massage small amount of shampoo into the wet hair, leave to work for 1-3 minutes and rinse. If it´s not foaming enough i´s because you hair is really dirty :P so repeat the process once more to wash all oil or hair products from your hair.screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-22-27-51

Tree in the bottle – the greenest shampoo in the world grows a tree!

One of the most fascinating ideas is the “Tree in the Bottle” shampoo – the green shampoo that grows a tree. The jury of the “RED DOT AWARD” also awarded the “best of the best in communication design 2013” and the “If Product Design Award” was awarded in 2014.
Tree in the Bottle is made by a composition of 100% compostable material and 100% soil-free tree seed.

100% compostable Material
The eco-friendly, made of PLA material is extracted from fruit, vegetables and vegetable starch. In an appropriate environment, the compostable material decays within one year and returns to its origins, into nature.

100% down to earth tree seeds
This bottle comes pre-loaded with seeds that are stored in the little plug on the bottom of the bottle. Just plant the used bottle just above the soil so it can get some sunlight. The bottle will biodegrade over time and the seeds will begin to grow. Pretty amaizing right?



The following shampoos are available in the Tree in the bottle 250ml bottle: Goji Berry Volumizing Shampoo ,Green Tea Shampoo , Golden Rose Shampoo , Recoffee Moisturizing Shampoo and Recoffee Volumizing Shampoo

Recoffee hair care from recycled coffee grounds

Coffee is the world’s most popular hot beverage. Every second, 14,000 cups of coffee are produced every day, so a considerable 22 million kilograms of coffee are left over every day.

Recycled coffee becomes a valuable resource for all Recoffee products. In addition, 100% recycled coffee grounds are used to produce the biodegradable packaging of the Tree in the bottle packaging.

Recoffee products:


This shampoo is FREE OF Hormones,Sulphate surfactant, Phthalates, Binder (DEA) , Parabene, EO- (ethylene oxide), Formaldehyde, Dye ….yes normal shampoo come with one or all of this ingridiants.

O’right only uses ingredients that are good for humans and the environment. All products are free of animal testing and meet the strict EU standards for natural cosmetics. Ingredients have been certified by  USDA and  ECOCERT.

Thank you for caring :)


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