My November Instant Diary

I entered the Insta Story world only a few months ago when I finally switched to a new phone. I was really trying hard to make as long as possible with my old phone, but once it made my life harder it was time to give it to my mom that is still afraid of smartphones. I didn´t really feel like I was missing out, and now I definitely know I wasn´t. But I got sucked into this more or less fake world of Instagram. I try to keep it as honest, real and unfiltered as I can… I guess that would also be a good description of me.

I will continue to try my best to bring some value to my posts and if I don’t, don´t feel bad to unfollow me.

Photo: @mitja_kobal

So since this is now a form of modern dairy and memory book,  though I would put some of my November stories together for you and me and everybody that might not have a smart phone today … like my mom :P

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November was good.

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