My Spring Favorites

Hi, everybody

Spring is here!  Time for new beginnings and spring cleaning right?  That´s why I also did some cleaning right here and gave the page fresh and simpler look. So I hope you like it.

So in my first spring post I wanted to share with you some cool products I´m using this spring and would highly recommend to all of you.  All products are vegan and I think it´s important also that you know where the products are produced so from now on you will find this information next to every product I post.

Thank you!Mateja


Mizu bottle

Mizu Life M8 Aloha Glossy Mint w Lt Orange Loop  – Water, water, water! Please stop buying plastic bottles and stay hydrated with this cool stainless steel bottle.

No metal taste, Easy to clean, Durable, Corrosion resistant, SAFE – no leaching means no chemicals in your drink and last but not least they are Planet friendly – a highly recycled metal. And on top of all that, the founder of Mizu bottle is Jussi Oksanen, an Olympic athlete and professional snowboarder for 18 years, has seven X Games medals to his name and is widely known as one of the best backcountry snowboarders of all time.

“Mizu bottles are made in China. Our decision to have them produced there was primarily based on our manufacturer’s depth of experience with working with stainless steel and the lack of experienced manufacturer’s here in the U.S. for this product. Following an extensive inspection of the factory, we are happy to say it is an ethical, fair pay establishment with high levels of health and safety and environmental awareness.” MIZU

Grab it here!

From California, USA. Made in China.


Cheapo Watch

CHEAPO This Khorshid Mini Rose watch with Sand Rose Gold dial and Black Vegan – Faux Leather Strap goes with everything and I just absolutely love rose gold. Hope it stays with me for a long time.

“If you hate homosexuals, people of different color or women, please do this one favor for us. Don’t buy our gear.” Cheapo

Check it out HERE!

From Sweden. Made in China.

And if you are wondering about the bracelet. It was handmade on island Hvar (Croatia) by amazing Karmen from Cvjetici Karmen.


Lavera Basis Sensitive Lip Balm

Organic jojoba, organic almond oil and organic waxes calm the delicate skin of the lips and protects them from harsh environmental influences.

Sustainability is a key aspect at Lavera. Facilities are run on green power and renewable raw materials are used. The selection of raw materials is carefully handled, as the production conditions are required to meet the ethical principles of the company.

Available at Lavera.

From German. Made in Germany. Vegan.


Alkmene creme with Tee Tree oil

 I have to admit I was using just coconut oil instead of any facial or body cream for more than a year now. But after some traveling and summer, I needed some treatment for sensitive and problematic skin.

This cream absorbs quickly without leaving the skin greasy. Tea tree oil soothes skin irritations and the vitamin B5 helps to maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance. Does not contain parabens, silicones and mineral oils. It comes with a practical pump. So I love this cream and I´m using it in the morning while I still use coconut oil at night. I haven´t had any skin problems and breakouts since I use it. So I definitely recommend it to everybody with oily and problematic skin. This packaging is 50ml and I had it now for 6 months and it doesn´t seem empty.

Available at Alkmene.

From Germany. Made in Germany. Vegan.73322-ab_005304_alkmene_teatreeoil_facecream_72dpi_rz

Ebelin wooden comb

I had this comb for about 4 years now and I would never go back t plastic. Maple comb smoothes the hair and closes its scales. Wooden combs also prevent your hair from dying out because it helps to distribute oil from your scalp to the hair and makes them less greasy and shinier. And it also doesn´t produce the static in your hair.

100% Maple is a natural, renewable and fully biodegradable material.

Available at DM.

From Germany. Made in Germany.


dm Bio Nuss Nougat Creme

Oh my! You just have to try this vegan creamy nut nougat spread. Especially good on your pancakes, mmmmm

Ingredients: cane sugar *, sunflower oil *, 13% hazelnuts *, 7,5% low fat cocoa powder *, palm oil * uncured, dried glucose syrup *, soy flour *, emulsifier: soy lecithin *, Bourbon – vanilla powder *

* From organic agriculture

Available at DM.

From Germany. Made in Netherlands.


Ikea Solvinden lights

IKEA Solvinden collection of solar lights that will not only lower your electricity bill, but will make your garden or balcony look great. Since I have a tiny house on the island without electricity, they were my only source of light for the whole summer and have never let me down. All you need is some sun too charge them (with some of them also one AAA battery). No cables, no problems. My oldest lights are over 5 years and they still work like new.

You just have to fall in love with these lights. Check them out HERE!

From Sweden. IKEA purchases the majority of its products from Europe. But I will have to check where they were made. If you know please leave a comment.


Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 13.53.11

Oru Kayak

Oru Kayak folds like origami! How cool is that? Oru kayaks can be stored in a trunk, checked on a plane, and hiked into remote waters. This allows you to explore like never before—for an hour, afternoon, or full weekend adventure. If only they wouldn´t be so expensive. For now, it will stay on my wishlist.

Check them out HERE!

From California, USA. Made in USA.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 09.09.24

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