My inbox has a life of it´s own

A few years ago I started getting weird emails to my inbox. First I didn´t even read them, I thought it´s some kind of spam. But slowly I started noticing that there are two names in the emails that are constantly repeating, so I started paying attention and following their lives.

First woman that I was getting emails from was a young Serbian woman living in Belgrade. She was on a desperate search for a job. Unfortunately, she got rejected a few times and there were emails that her interviews were rescheduled. But one day I got an email with the whole contract she was supposed to sign and sent back. So Yes, she got a job! I was really happy for her. it was a job at some sports shop. And yes it was a complete contract with all the personal information. She was getting average Serbian wage. Good for her!

The second woman was from Croatia. She was a student. I would get emails from her professors. Funny thing is, that she was even writing an essay about Hvar. I read it and it was pretty interesting. She later finished university and was also searching for a job. Since she had a university degree, her job applications were more interesting. She even wanted to get into Croatian politics, but unfortunately, she didn´t get a job in the parliament. But from Drago Prgomet (Croatian Democratic Union) wished her all the luck in the future and was impressed with her. She had another email about her job interview that ended “please reply as soon as possible and confirm that you will be coming at xy time”.

I replied to all these emails with “Sorry, but this is a wrong email address” and the only reply I got was from a travel agency, where she booked a trip to Prague and they sent me her itinerary.

Among many emails there was also an email with:

  • a paper how to heal a tennis elbow
  • link to Dropbox album from some trip
  • replies about apartment vacancy for her holidays
  • newsletter from her fitness

The last email I got was 2 days ago. She was traveling with Uber in Zagreb, spent 3€ and was driving with Mr.Ivan. There was a full address in the email, from where to where she was traveling. Pretty scary if you ask me.

We might be really similar women, born in 3 different countries of former Yugoslavia. So I really wish them the best of luck and I hope they got their dream jobs. Even if they don´t know that I even exist, I can still tell them: You got this! But I have your email.

Thank you and I will keep you updated,


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