MG & Transworld on Rogla

The biggest and most prestigious snowboard magazine in the world, based from the US, TRANSWORLD,
decided that they want to do a travel story about Slovenija. We will be touring the country for 10 days,
snowboarding and documenting the mountains here.

As i wanted to include the snowboard scene here in Slovenija and want to give this guys a felling
…of how much we are like a big family, i decided to do two events that everybody can join.


-it will just be a mellow riding day on the hill, all of you will have the chance to ride and hang
with some of the pros transworld is bringing on this trip.

-when you buy the park liftpass there will be a burton, goodie bag for you

-there will also be some transworld and adidas giveaways for the riders that are killing it

-we will also chose the best rider of the day who will get the chance to join our shoot on rogla
and will get the chance to get his photo published in the magazine

ON THE 3.3. PARTY AT K4, Ljubljana

-a small present at the door

-we will show a little clip of the trip and mostly to show…. this guys how we do it…. in slovenija

see you there

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