How to make yourown splitboard with the Voile DIY Split Kit

 Splitboarding is amazing way to explore the mountains, be outside in nature and get some exercise. But enjoying nature got really expensive these days, not to mention also really bad for nature itself.


Photo: Alenka Klinar

So, if you are dreaming about powder and escaping into the backcountry, but you can´t or don´t want to, buy new equipment, we have an upcycling solution for your splitboard and a fun project for you.

You will need:

  1. An old snowboard. If you don´t have one check some facebook groups for used equipment, there are a lot of cheap boards around. But keep in mind that the board will be two times softer after you split it, so grab a stiff freeride board.
  2. Voilé Split Kit DIY – available at Blue Tomato (affiliate link)
  3. Circular saw, sending block, epoxy, gloves, drill, ruler, pencil, hammer….

You can find full instructions for mounting the Voilé DIY kit right here.

Thanks Urška, Sandra and Voilé.


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