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If you never heard about Slovenia, let me tell you a bit about this lovely country.

Slovenia is a small European country located between Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia. You can feel the influence from all their cultures and that´s what makes it so interesting. It hiding behind amazing Julian Alps and endless woods, lakes, vineyards, caves and yes it even has a small coast. It´s one of the greenest countries in the World. It´s also my homeland and a home of a lot of creative minds. That´s why I want to show you today a few of the products designed and made on the sunny side of Alps.


Ribrand is a modern brand of wooden products which reflects a collaboration between the design studio Mashoni and the Ribnica Handicraft Centre. Ribnica Valley is a Slovenian area known for its rich heritage in woodenware making. Contemporary products preserve the knowledge of Ribnica’s cultural past from the field of wood processing and combine it with present-day technologies and expertise.

A collection of minimalist kitchen utensils Wood for food is made of solid hard maple wood from the surrounding forests.

“We aim to raise awareness about the Slovenian design walking hand in hand with the cottage industry to send out a message that we are the ones who should exploit our natural resources, instead of selling them abroad as semi-products. We believe this is the way to set an example and promote our country.”

Just look at this beauties.Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 17.48.01


Frachella is a brand by a young Slovenian designer and model Mateja Škraba. Backpacks are a mix of elegance, freedom, gentleness and edginess. Depending on the day and the mood they will be your perfect companion for a deserted sandy beach with no one around, a boho festival in Byron Bay, an 80s rock concert and everything in between. The choice is yours and, like Oscar Wilde says, “To define is to limit.”

Products are crafted from faux leather detailed with the brand’s distinctive tassels and triangle metallic logo. Designed and made in Slovenia.Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 21.59.56Frachella-_KVP4967-minDSCF9164_a-min

Lili and roza

Lili and roza  are creating fashionable, premium apparel in a sustainable way, from the selection of materials to the production and packaging. They want you to fall in love with their products and you definitely will, because they are designed with love. And more importantly, they are produced by a fairly compensated workforce, so you can wear them with pride.
They create fashion-conscious clothing with original and timeless designs and a dedication to detail. Cuts and colours are in line with current trends and each tee carries a special message to remind you of the important things in life: love, kindness and little things to brighten up your day. With each graphic on our apparel they are supporting young designers.
Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 22.59.50
“In choosing our apparel you are getting premium quality. We believe that the textile industry ought to be more responsible. If we all embrace responsibility, together we can make a difference.”
Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 23.05.12

Tri gore

Tri gore are two young Slovenian designers Brina Srebre and Jasmina Padar that are making unique handmade decorative cushions, representing the most distinctive Slovenian symbol, the Triglav Mountain. Word-for-word translation of Triglav is ‘three-headed’, it is said that the mountain owes its name to characteristic three-peak shape.

The product combines majesty and greatness of the Apls, with soft natural materials. Stuffed with spelled husks, which are 100% natural infill, cushions give a nice massage and relaxing feeling. They are designed for those who want to enrich and refresh their home or office with a piece of nature.

019Another great product from Tri gore is also enamel bowl and mug you can take on hikes and adventures. It is durable and appropriate for the campfire and will lest forever.

Enamel-ware is made in Slovenian factory EMO NOVUM d.o.o. with applied design by Tri Gore.belo003


4kidsandus are impeccable natural skincare products, without synthetic emulsifiers or preservatives. The story of 4kidsandus started when lovely parents made ointment and soaps at home for their four children, who all have extremely sensitive skin. The response of their skin was excellent and that is why they decided to offer this natural products to us as well.

All 4kidsandus products are handcrafted in small batches in Slovenia and are made from 100% natural ingredients. Packed in glass and aluminium packaging to prevent the penetration of bisphenol A and similar hazardous substances found in plastics. They look goo, smell good and most of all do good for your skin.
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EQUA is a team of young, motivated minds from Slovenia – breathing the creative spirit and drinking gallons of water. And coffee. I love their design, sustainability and of course the fact that they are made in Slovenian.

“We care about the world and our main focus is to operate our business in a sustainable way. All our products are made with lots of love and we also give special attention to details and really make sure to only offer best for your health and nature’s wealth. From our first day of existence we pledged to always give back to nature and community around us. We created the 10% DONATION certificate with which we promise that 10% of our net profits go to organizations promoting a good cause, a healthy relationship towards nature and humanity.”


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Hope you like them.

This post was not sponsored by any of the mentioned brands. I truly like them and recommend them.

Thank you!

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