How to ignore summer and pretend it´s winter for a day

First, you need to find a mountain that has some snow left. Today it might be a bit harder than a month ago when we decided we need a day of winter. Second, put on some winter clothes, grab your board had head up the mountain. Ignore the head, wear sun protection and have fun!

So the story is, that a friend needed some photos of her two snowboarding jackets she designed and hand-sewed for her portfolio. And I must say they are made so well, fit perfect and they even have hidden practical features I can´t share with you ;) But if anybody is looking for outerwear designer let me know.

I was not really sure about beeing in front of the camera. I´m the most awkward person when it comes to cameras oooooor anything to do with people. But I want to do more things that are way out of my comfort zone, so I said yes, but deep down I was hoping I can get out of this somehow (sorry).

We headed up to Dachstein glacier on 30.7., together with other 2000 tourists. The lifts up there are long closed, but some parts were still covered with snow. So I was able to splitboard in the middle of the summer,  and even do a few turns. Most of all, I confused a lot of tourists that day with all my equipment.

Thank you ladies for a super fun day!

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Photos: Aneta Lahotska 

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