every journey begins with desire

September was hard and October might be even harder. Work, eat, sleep, repeat got me wanting change. About learning new things, growing, creating and becoming everything I can be. And right now, my days are too short and on the end of the day I´m too tired to think straight. Life is pulling me in new directions. And once it starts, you see things with different eyes.

And it´s not something extreme. In fact, it´s pretty ordinary for me and for the times we live in. We all search for freedom, happiness, adventure, connection, work alternatives. I want to wake up happy to make my coffee and go to work, I want to be inspired to create. Sharing my experiences and ideas makes me happy, taking photos, creating products, making a difference  … I love my blog and it´s not an obligation, but something I really want to do. I didn´t even know how much I will miss it, until my days got too short and there were no hours left in the day to work on it (it´s pass 11pm right now).

If you can´t fall asleep at night, take some time and think about your fears. What is stopping you from doing what you love? If that´s a different job, being self-employed, being an artist, write books, open a restaurant or start a blog. Everything is possible. Not saying it´s easy, but 100% possible if you keep believing in yourself.

I feel it in my heart that I have so much to give, so much to learn, grow, share, do, change and inspire. I simply know and that´s my Why.

How? How to turn our dreams into a plan and into reality? Right now the typical “waiting until the time is right” is still pushing my breaks. But the time might never be right if we keep waiting. There might always be something, money, doubt, fear, …

So a little note to myself and you is that you know why you want and if you have the passion. Don´t ignore it, don´t waste it. There is so much you can create. So hang in there, work hard and your How will come. And always remember how you got here, and why you started this.

If you could do anything in your life, what would you do? Where would you go?



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