OK, but first coffee …

Before I start talking about anything else, let´s take a moment, sit down, relax and have a cup of coffee while I talk about, well…. coffee.

I love when the smell of coffee fills my home in the morning. I love the sound of coffee machines and of course, I love the taste of rich, creamy coffee. I try to stick to one or max. two coffee´s a day. I take my time and never rush it. I don´t need that fast espresso shot people drink before they rush to work. I need my rich creamy coffee with oat or soy milk mmmmm …. And I bring a cup of coffee to work every morning, or to any other trip or activity :) The only problem I have with coffee is that it hits me pretty hard. I can´t sleep for 10 hours after my cup of coffee.  That´s why I really shouldn´t drink it after 2-3 pm. Do I listen? Not at all! 

the collection

There is nothing minimalistic about our collection. Just so you get a feeling just how obsessed we are with coffee,  this big baby can make one liter of coffee. One liter! Or 14 coffees!

We have one of them in everywhere we go, even my tiny house on the island deserves one.



And a new member of the team is Delonghi Dedica EC680M (not sponsored). It´s affordable and makes a really good coffee. I even started to use the milk former, since it´s so easy to heat and foam it at once. Well as you can see, I Love coffee! And I could talk about it for hours.


 Enjoy my coffee Pinterest board and keep dreaming about coffee. 

Thank you


We are responsible for a few of the 600 billion cups of coffee we consume each year. But did you know that coffee is at risk? It needs forests, suitable soil and plenty of water to grow. With the threat of climate change facing farmers and their crops, numerous organizations are working to make coffee the first sustainable agriculture product — and ensuring that we all can continue to count on our daily cup(s). Learn more at

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