About me

mateja_chHi! I´m Mateja, currently living in Austrian Alps. Born and raised in a small town, located between Slovenian mountains and the capital city- Ljubljana, I spent all my summers in my beach house on island Hvar, Croatia.

I´m passionate about animal rights, saving our planet, traveling, veganism, minimalism, zero waste living, fair fashion and people that make a difference. I´ve been vegan since 2014 (before vegetarian for many years) and my only regret is that I didn´t do it earlier. 
I live a low waste lifestyle and I try my best to improve with time. Maybe one day I can be proud to live without plastic.
Thank you  and have fun clicking through my page,

Mateja Kordic


I´m not sponsored by any brands and I don´t reach out to brands to send me free products or PR samples. I really don´t need anything and I don´t want you to buy anything you might not need.  In the whole history of this blog I excepted 2 products (bikini made out of recycled fishing nets and a menstrual cup). I support 2nd hand shopping, reusing old products and buying only what really needs to be replaced or is needed. I will share my experiences with whatever I might use in this moment, but please don´t feel like you need to buy it to be zero-waste or minimalist. :)

On this page, you will also not find any support for meat industry, oil industry, animal testing, the dairy industry, unfair employment, body shaming, racism, fast fashion, ….

For any collaborations (charity, activism, environmentalism,…) please contact me through Contact Form or info@chickita.si. Let´s make this world a better place together.



I´m far from being a big traveler. I want to travel but keep my carbon footprint to a minimum, that´s why I prefer to travel by train and I don´t own a car (but sometimes borrow my boyfriend’s car) and I try to avoid short distance flights.

I wanted to post this World Map just to remind myself to travel more and to keep a track of all the countries I visited and all the countries that are on my wishlist. For now, that would be Argentina & Chile & Peru, Iceland & Greenland, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, ….. Oh no! I can´t stop!