My abandoned art of analog photography

Oh how much I loved analog photography. I still do, but somehow I put my cameras on display instead of my backpack. Nothing can compare to those 18/24/36 frames you have on your film and the time you take to choose your moment and press that button. And Oh! the sound that comes with it. So mechanic and raw.

The camera of my choice has always been my Russian Zenit ET that I got from my grandpa. Unfortunately, it got stolen when I was visiting Spain. My friend was so good to get my the same camera again.

The first reason why I stopped using my camera was mostly the fact that I moved from the city with a good and affordable photo studio that developed and scanned my films. Second reason is the pollution that comes with all the film cassettes, film, chemicals and paper. It doesn´t feel right that those 36 photos bring so much waste. When it comes to cameras, the old cameras are made to last, but new plastic digital cameras are mostly done in few years. Same goes for memory cards.

So I will try to find a balance between my old film 35mm camera and new digital Nikon 5500 that I own. If I take good care of both of them, they will be with me for many years.

Here are some of my old analog photos

You can check the rest of my old photos on My Tumblr

Thank you and greetings from Hvar.


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