35 random facts about me

  1. I´m clumsy.
  2. But I never broke a bone.
  3. Since I was a little kid I had a tendency to wander off, either to the neighbors or to another country.
  4. I won every running contest I attended from age 8 on.
  5. I played basketball for 8 years.
  6. I got bitten by a monkey, twice…in Slovenia.
  7. I dyed my hair in nearly every color possible.
  8. I had 15 piercings at age 16.
  9. I got my first tattoo at age 15, but I did one DIY at 13.
  10. I had no citizenship for around 2 years, now I have 2.
  11. I don´t live in any of those 2 countries.
  12. I brought home every abandoned animal I could when I was a kid.
  13. I still think I could breathe under water if I would try harder (like in my dreams).
  14. I was a vegetarian for around 12 years and now vegan for 3.
  15. I cut my own hair super short and dyed them when I was 13. No, it didn´t look good.
  16. I went to a hairdresser about 5 times in my life. If nobody noticed I guess I got better at it.
  17. I was a straight-edge teenager, so I didn´t drink or smoke.
  18. I crashed on my bike that ended in a 2-day blackout, around 20 stitches and a broken tooth.
  19. I studied (for at least 2 years) philosophy, Slavic languages, graphic print technology and at one point also math and chemistry. I would say I have many interests. 
  20. I was a national champion in slopestyle (snowboarding) with straight air or a simple grab. Lack of girls in snowboarding got me lost of first 3 spots 5-10 years ago :P
  21. I fell into a cave and got covered by an avalanche while snowboarding.
  22. I was convinced I was psychic when I was young. I guess they were just coincidences ….or were they?
  23. I was belly-dancing.
  24. I stole a dog from gypsies.
  25. I prefer hardware and furniture shops than any clothes or cosmetics shops, girly I know.
  26. I´m awkward in most situations.
  27. I can pick up things with my toes and I can also write your name.
  28. I hate shoes, buying shoes, wearing shoes. I wish my hobbit feet could run around free.
  29. Nothing can scare me as much as much as ghosts (books about them, videos, photos …). I don´t even care if it´s fake it still freaks me out.
  30. I´m also afraid of spiders.
  31. I can watch home renovation or decluttering videos 24/7.
  32. I can smell if anything burning or melting in a second and it drives me crazy if I can´t find where the smell comes from. But I did stop a few big fires already, so I will continue being paranoid about fire.
  33. I lived 4 months in a tiny house that I built with my friends, without running water or electricity.
  34. I love being at home and I´m never bored.
  35. I just turned 35, weird I know.


031Excuse all the fishing and naked photos, but that´s what my childhood was all about.

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